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The injection foam installation process is a straight forward process and most times can be done entirely from the outside. Our certified installers can complete installation on a typical home in less than one day. Wall foam can be used in any type of home: brick, stucco, block, stone,vinyl siding, aluminum siding, wooden siding, shingle and more!

Our trained and certified installers will insulate the walls of your home from the exterior using a process that is much less invasive than competitive products. Before leaving, the installer will clean the inside and outside of the home and dispose of any debris.

Because every home is of different construction,  procedures vary when insulating homes.

For houses with vinyl siding, our trained technicians will start by carefully removing a few siding panels.

Holes are then drilled into the exterior wall boards between the studs.

  Cedar bevel siding      .   Notice the lack of insualtion in the wall

For masonry walls (brick, block , stone, etc), small holes are drilled into mortar joints.

Name    5/8   Small holes are drilled into mortar joints  

Next, a foaming hose is used to inject Tripolymer insulation, completely filling the open spaces of the wall cavity.

Foaming hose being inserted into the stud cavity   Foam insulation fills the stud cavity, the air gap between the brick/sheathing, or both   This photo shows the foaming hose inserted into the wall and excess foam coming out of the wall behind the brick.

All gaps in the closed cavity are safely filled which prevents the flow of air through your walls.

This photo shows foam insulation between the block and brick and again between the block and drywall.  

As a final step, the holes are plugged, excess biodegradable insulation is washed away and your siding is re-attached. Only you will know the installation was done.

Plugged holes after foam is installed   Plugged holes after foam is installed  

For brick, block, and stone walls, the mortar is color matched and professionally patched and repointed.

After the wall is insulated, the mortar is color matched and professionally patched.   Patched holes are virtually invisible   Name


For more information on the Tripolymer Injection Foam installation process, view our short video here and visit our FAQ page.

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